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Got a vegan business but do not have a blog yet? You are not alone.

If you are like me, you have asked yourself numerous times why you need a blog and what the purpose of one is. You might be considering if the time you spend blogging is worth it, or how a blog can increase the bottom line. Or, you might be wondering if hiring a professional blogger is a good decision for your business.  Having a blog on your company website is essential these days for so many reasons.  Below are the six most important reasons why your vegan website should contain a blog.

A blog will attract potential clients to your website.

Attracting people to your website is what it’s all about, and a blog is an essential tool to accomplish this.

Blogging is a way to bring in the right people who are looking for YOU. When you publish interesting and relevant content and share it, you will propel potential clients to your website looking for what you sell or the service you provide. The content on your blog is what attracts them. The more you share, the more your business becomes known.  And, the more people who visit your site to read your blog, the more chances you have of selling your product or service. Lastly, the more clicks to your blog or company website, the more Google will notice and place your vegan business website in their top searches.

Exposure with fascinating, engaging content in a blog is what will attract people to you. It is the most effective way to build your online platform and turn a reader into a paying client.

A blog will educate your audience about you and your business.

With stimulating, suitable content, a blog is a good place to share all about your vegan company or organization. It is a great place to answer those commonly asked questions about your vegan products or your services; it is a way to speak directly to your prospective customers. For example, an article can educate the public on why plant-based food is indeed healthy, why your vegan shoes are cruelty-free and why they should care, why you started your vegan business or vegan nonprofit, or what inspired you to create a vegan makeup brand, article per article, paragraph by paragraph. There is no end to what you can write in a blog to build and educate your audience!

The more your audience learns about your business, the more they will be encouraged to request your services.

A blog demonstrates dependability, trustworthiness, and knowledge.

There is no sale with a lack of credibility and trust. By teaching your audience all about your business and sharing compelling, helpful content, you build trust with your followers. By publishing consistently (once a week or three times per month) over time, you demonstrate not only trustworthiness, but also a passion for and knowledge of your vegan business.

Trust must be earned, especially online. It has to be earned by demonstrating your commitment to your audience by delivering pertinent content. Trust creates success.

A blog communicates emerging news about your vegan company.

Got a new item to sell? Are you moving your vegan business or nonprofit in a different direction? Or, is your business launching and you want to share? A blog allows you to easily share this information or new direction with your audience. New news is always relevant and important to share in a blog with a personal touch, which people love.

Latest news shared with enthusiasm can create new customers.

A blog shows off your brand to help build your online identity.

Your brand is your most precious asset of your vegan business, and a blog is a critical part of building your brand. What does the public think about when they hear your name or the name of your business? If you are not sure, a good place to start to build the brand you desire is a blog. The more you write and post, the more people will learn about you and your business, products, or services. Eventually, if you become a disciplined, regular blogger, you will become known as an expert in your field, and your business will be on its way to bigger achievements.

Build your brand with a blog to build a greater business.

A blog brings your company mission to life.

What is your mission for your vegan organization, business, or nonprofit? What inspired you to start your business? People want to know, and a blog is an easy way to share this important information.

People want to buy from a solo-entrepreneur who is passionate about the services they provide. They want to buy a product from a business that loves what they sell and knows why. A blog is the place to tell the public all about your mission, what your story is, or why you live vegan and what it means to you. It is a place to explain your passion for your business. Passion is contagious; it demonstrates to others that you are human like they are, and that is very attractive.

Blogging brings in the human element to your business and attracts customers.

There are literally millions of blogs in cyberspace. Know that a following takes time to build and is not done overnight.  The most successful vegan bloggers write consistently and have built a substantial following. They write relevant, engaging, inspiring, and meaningful content to engage with their audience.  They make sales and are changing the world every day.

Up for the challenge?

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Peter B. Roth · March 14, 2018 at 7:22 pm

Thank you for the great points here!

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