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pexels-photo-461077Are you a vegan entrepreneur with a startup, or are you the owner of a nonprofit and are wondering how you will find the time to complete all the writing for your business or organization?  What if you realize you need assistance and are considering hiring someone to help you, but you do not have the funds to hire a full-time employee? This is where a freelance professional comes in!

Making the shift to hiring a freelance writer or editor to write your marketing content, blogs or articles is a good move that can help ease your workload (and your mind). So, without further ado, here are the top seven reasons why hiring a vegan freelancer is a smart decision.

Shared Vision

A vegan freelancer shares your vision for your business or non-profit and will work with you to bring about your mission. What better person to work with you than another passionate, talented vegan?

It is Economical

You do not provide office space, office equipment, benefits or training. You pay only for work you need completed. Freelance professionals are paid by the project or by the hour.

Time for Business Growth

Using a freelancer will save you time because they will create the content you don’t want to write, so you can focus on growing your business.


Freelancers are highly trained, experienced and educated professionals. They are always improving their skills and are invested in their business. This ensures you are hiring top rate professionals with an inner drive to succeed. You are getting the best for your dollar!


A freelance writer is flexible and gives you a quick turnaround. Since they work from home or from a virtual office, they are able to work outside of regular office hours, which makes it easier for them to adjust to your specific business needs.

You Are in Control

Working with a freelance writer or editor gives you the opportunity to hire them for a one-time project, a few different projects, or you can create a long-lasting working relationship. A freelancer will complete your given assignment based on your contract details. The ball is in your court!

Freelancers Are Here to Stay

It is estimated by The Plato Group that the freelance market is estimated to grow to fifty percent of the workforce by 2020.  Hiring a freelancer is the wave of the future!



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